Waste Management

transportation and disposal

highly trained staff and sophisticated equipment

Highground provides complete waste transportation and disposal services. A highly trained professional staff and the most sophisticated equipment available enable Highground to develop efficient and cost-effective waste disposal plans for any size project.

Highground works with clients to design and use a system that avoids disruption and ensures the property and surrounding community remains safe. Our team handles the analysis, profiling, packaging, transport, and disposal of solid or liquid hazardous or non-hazardous materials.

Our clients can select from an assortment of waste treatment and disposal options, and because we maintain a fleet of fully licensed vehicles we minimize travel time and costs. Our network of licensed and approved facilities can provide treatment alternatives including beneficial re-use, fuel blending and recycling

Highground Industrial

Waste Management services include:

• Chemical consolidation and inventory
• Chemical relocation
• Drum transportation and disposal service
• Hazardous and non-hazardous bulk waste disposal
• Transportation and disposal of hazardous/non-hazardous waste


Hazardous Waste

corrosives, cyanides, flammables, heavy metals, poisons, reactives


Non-Hazardous Waste

adhesives, industrial debris, industrial wastewaters, latex-based paints, perfumes/fragrances, petroleum oils/contaminated debris, pharmaceutical wastes


Special Materials

batteries, compressed gases, fluorescent lamps/ ballasts, lab packs, PCB materials, radio-active wastes, spill clean-up and disposal, transformer decommissioning