Structural Demolition

industrial and commercial

safety, detail and schedule

Highground Industrial Services provides industrial and commercial demolition services throughout the Northeast. We take great pride in our exceptional safety record, expert trained employees and our fleet of specialized demolition heavy equipment.

We approach each technical and standard demolition project with attention to safety, detail and schedule. With over 60 years of experience in the demolition and dismantlement industry, we have performed numerous demolition projects.

Our approach

Our approach to projects include:

•Analyze and Prepare Structures For Demolition with the utmost concern for Environmental Compliance and Employee Safety
•Careful Consideration Given to Adjacent Structures and Active Operations
• Closely Coordinate Tasks and Schedule with Client

demolition contracting

Our demolition contractor services include:

• Industrial and Commercial Building Demolition Services
• Total Facility and Plant Demolition
• Selective and Surgical Demolition of Structures
• Concrete and Steel Silo Demolition
• Water Tower Wrecking
• Steel Tank Dismantling
• Dismantling of All Types of Equipment and Structures
• Power Plant Demolition and Dismantling