Concrete Processing

complete processing services

he best manner to deal with each individual situation

Highground offers complete concrete processing services including contamination testing, disposal, crushing and compacting.

Concrete processing is a big part of most demolition jobs, as modern building techniques typical pair concrete and steel for strength typically creating a large amount of concrete to be processed.

Highground works with clients to establish the best manner to deal with each individual situation, whether it is processing and recycling on site or removal and disposal of material to a licensed facility.

remove and reuse

expertise in recovery and material recycling

Our expertise in recovery and material recycling can help projects satisfy criteria in multiple LEED project areas. Highground specializes in assisting clients in achieving higher LEED green building ratings.

Our program revolves around both the removal of, and future use of, recycled building products. Applications span from demolition, to building upgrading to new construction. Highground can produce any required Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) specifications from material on site using our state of the art crushing equipment.