Project: Former Piermont Papermills – Lot S

Location:  Corner of Gair Street and Round House Road, Piermont, NY

Client: Rockland County Drainage Agency

Value: $235,000

Completion Date:  November 2019

 Highground Industrial LLC (HGI) completed PCB remediation of a Lot S, a 1.3 acre portion of a former 35 acre property which operated as a paper mill.  The site is part of the Piermont Papermills State Superfund Program involving the excavation and disposal of nine Hot Spots consisting of PCB Remediation Waste, installation of a 10” clay cap, and full restoration of the roadway and lawn.  This The project was approved by the EPA and performed under the direction of the NYSDEC and the Rockland County Drainage Agency.

Key Project Components:

  • Street closure, temporary fence installation, and sedimentation and erosion controls.
  • Removal of existing trees, shrubs, fencing, curbing, paving, and overburden.
  • Surgical hot spot excavations with PCB concentrations > 50 ppm.
  • Dewatering deep excavations within the groundwater table.
  • Post excavation and waste classification sampling and analysis with 48-hour turnaround times.
  • Clay source acquisition and installation of an EPA approved cap to manage residual PCBs in place.
  • Complete restoration of the curbing, roadway, and lawn areas in accordance with NY DOT Specifications.


Hot Spot Excavations

Clay Cap Installation

Belgian Block Curbing Installation

Paving, Site Grading, and Restoration