Project: Former Hughesville Mill

Location: 10 Mill Road, Milford, NJ

Client:  Neenah, Inc.

Value:  $218,000

Completion Date:  October 2019

 Highground Industrial LLC (HGI) completed the demolition and remediation of a portion of the Former Hughesville Mill located in the vicinity of a paper machine.  The machine had leaked gear oil contaminating the concrete slab, support structures in the basement and the basement floor.  Once the basement floor was removed, contaminated soils were discovered and extending to the top of the groundwater table.

HGI removed almost 700 Tons of contaminated concrete for disposal at Fairless Hills in Morrisville, PA and 554 Tons of contaminated soil at Salem County Improvement Authority in Alloway, NJ.  Once acceptable post excavation sampling results were obtained, the area was backfilled and compacted with Quarry Process materials.

Area of Former Paper Machine

Contaminated Materials Excavation

Contaminated Concrete and Soil Loading

Backfilling, Compaction, and Site Grading