Highground was retained by GZA by GeoEnvironmental,Inc. to perform Abatement, Decontamination, Dismantling and Remediation in the Area of three large Above-ground Storage Tanks (ASTs). ASTs were coated with PCB containing paint and had to be disposed of as a PCB bulk product waste. ASTs included the following:

  • a 65 foot sand tank with an 85 foot elevator and conveyor system
  • a 60 foot ash tank
  • a 50,000 gallon fuel oil tank

The ash and sand tank were almost entirely enclosed within the building structures, which had to be first demolished to allow for the tank removals. Prior to any disturbance, Asbestos containing materials consisting of roofing and transite panels were properly removed . Due to the height of the structures, Highground used a combination of a Crane, High reach excavator and snorkel lifts to safely dismantle the tank structures as not to impact the adjacent buildings and a railroad spur. Once Demolition activities had been completed, building openings were sealed with a new concrete block system in accordance with PE approval.


The fuel oil tank was located within a concrete containment along with other bulk fuel storage tanks and associated piping. Once the tank was removed, it was discovered that the concrete floor did not extend beneath the tank. Highground proceeded with dewatering and excavation of contaminated soils within the tank footprint. Once completed the area was back-filled, compacted and restored with a new concrete slab.