Summer/Fall 2016
Orange Ave., Suffern, NY

Lynmark Group contracted Highground Industrial, LLC to demolish several buildings. Among them were a former hotel, a paint manufacturing building, a former gasoline/service station and a residence contaminated with Vermiculite insulation.

A total of four (4) USTs ranging from 500 to 1,000 gallons in size were encountered on the site. Two of the tanks were actually located in the sidewalk and had to be surgically removed to protect the water, sewer and gas lines running along and beneath the tanks. Hydro-Vacuum excavation techniques were used to complete the work.

Two of the tanks were full of impacted water. The water was pumped, removed and disposed of at an approved recycling facility. Less than 50 tons of contaminated soils were encountered during the tank removals.

Additionally, approximately 4,200 tons of contaminated soil was excavated, loaded and disposed of at an approved facility as part of a DEC approved remedial action plan. To enable redevelopment of the site, Highground removed another 2,700 tons of urban fill and transported it off-site to an approved disposal facility.