Summer 2016
Location: 40 Wilson Park Drive, Tarrytown, NY

Parish Property Management, Inc. contracted Highground Industrial, LLC for a demolition project at a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary facility in Tarrytown, NY.

Highground completed the demolition of a 28,000 sq. ft. structure and removed two 5,000 gallon USTs. One tank was previously decommissioned and filled with concrete. The removal process required exposing the top of the tank to enable peeling off the top and back of the tank. Once complete a hydraulic hammer was used to break up the concrete for removal. The last step was to remove and dispose the tank.

The second tank contained approximately 500 gallons of fuel oil, the oil was pumped and recycled according to environmental requirements. Once removed the tank was rendered inert with dry ice and safely cut open to allow for the removal of residual sludge. The contents were drummed and properly disposed of, after which the tanks were removed and disposed of.