Fall 2015
Location: Staten Island, NY – Former Service Station

Roux Associates contracted Highground Industrial, LLC to remove four (4) UST systems, including all mechanical components, islands and pads. The project also required segregating contaminated concrete and soil for subsequent offsite disposal.

At the beginning of the project Highground discovered that the tanks were completely incased in concrete. This unforeseen setback was quickly and effectively addressed by the use of Highground’s hydraulic-hammer. The tanks were freed from the concrete and the rest of the removal job continued without delay.

Under constant supervision of the DEP, DEC and DPH, Highground excavated and properly disposed of approximately 400 tons of contaminated soil and 40 tons of contaminated concrete. For environmental and safety reasons, odor control technologies were implemented during all phases of the excavation.
All four (4) tanks were properly cleaned and sent for recycling of at a local scrap yard. The entire excavation site was backfilled with RCA and covered with an asphalt cap per the environmental consultant’s specifications.