On Wednesday, August 26th, while HIGHGROUND INDUSTRIAL was working on the Scranton Community Power Plant, Sandone Tire Company just down the street had an emergency. The tire warehouse was in flames, and fire companies were responding to the multi-alarm fire.

The turn of the century warehouse was an eight story 120,000 square foot building which stored fifty thousand tires.

Highground Industrial was called in to help the fire company open up walls and move debris so that the fire fighters could get to parts of the building that were not accessible. Apparently, the insulation of the building was a combination of cork and sawdust.

The fire continued for 3 days. After it was put out, Highground was asked by the owner to continue the demolition as the building needed to be taken down as the area was unsafe. The building has been razed and the clean up phase will be finished in the next few months