Mahwah, NJ: August 12, 2015 – At 8 AM on Thursday, August 6th, several people on the property of Temple Beth Haverim Shir Shalom on 280 Ramapo Road were busy at work getting a house that sits on the property, prepared for demolition. They had to make sure all electric and gas to the house were disconnected and the house was completely empty. A truck was waiting to drop a 30 yard dumpster and a large excavator had just been moved off of the trailer next to the house. Highground Industrial, a local demolition and environmental remediation contractor, was poised to start the teardown.

“The Temple, a Reform Synagogue with 435 member families, is led by Rabbi Joel Mosbacher. The Board of Trustees made the decision to demolish the old building that was in disrepair and rebuild a new community building on its1400 square foot foundation. They plan to use it for meetings, programming, and luncheons so that 2 families can have events at the same time, “Iris Greenberg, administrator for the temple, said. “Much thought has gone into the concept behind this project. We spent over 6 months just developing the plan.”

The old house had previously existed on the property before the temple was built. It held a number of very small rooms which could not be used for events or larger group meetings. The new building will be built on the existing foundation and will provide a large open space with a small catering kitchen.

James Du Broff, Director of Operations and partner at Highground Industrial is a member of the Temple Beth Haverim. He sits on the Building and Grounds Committee and offered to donate to the Synagogue the demolition and site clean-up.

Highground is always happy to give back to the community, said Jim Du Broff. Eddie Lane, the job demolition supervisor and machine operator demolished the house with 15 minutes and then moved into the clean-up phase of the operation. Rabbi Mosbacher was very happy to see the project begin and said, “I think the congregation will be very excited when the new building is completed.”