New City, N.Y. – Highground removed three underground storage tanks (UST’s) as well as contaminated soil and water from the former Getty Gas station in New City for the management who owns the site as well as the retail strip next door. ARKF was the environmental consulting company.

Highground completed the decommissioning of the entire underground tank system including the removal of pumps, islands, concrete pads, line and three fiberglass UST’s with a combined capacity of 24,000 gallons of gasoline.

During the initial activities, contaminated soils were discovered. Highground worked with the consultant to adequately delineate the extent of the contamination through a series of test pits. Once waste classification sampling had been com
pleted by the consultant, Highground returned to the site to excavate almost 1000 tons of petroleum impacted soil for proper off- site disposal.

Due to the high groundwater table , Highground also evacuated approximately 40,000 gallons of water from the tank graves and the entire excavation with the use of Vacuum Trucks and a Frac Tank.