Mahwah, NJ: June 4,2015 – Demolition of large or tall commercial buildings can be especially dangerous to the people on the ground. For the building owner’s perspective as well as for the demolition company, it can be both costly process and an insurance nightmare. Most companies would like to stay away from having to do an explosive demolition if they don’t have to. And in many situations, explosive demolitions are not possible due to the surrounding environment and conditions on the ground.

What machinery the demolition company owns should be an important factor choosing the right company for the job. If they don’t have the right equipment, the job, can not only take longer but will be much more costly.

Highground Industrial recently bought a Komatsu 450LC-8 Excavator equipped with a 85 foot high reach boom from Sheer Power in Ontario, Canada. With a 85 foot boom, the excavator can reach up to 8 stories.

Shear Power Corp. was very excited to work with Highground Industrial to custom build their Komatsu PC450LC-8 High Reach excavator to suit their needs. Both companies take great pride in their equipment and workmanship which made the project easy.

The standard Komatsu excavator was brought into Shear Power Corp.’s shop, and a few short months later came out ready for work in the high reach demolition world. Every aspect of the machine was thoroughly researched and custom built to be sure that the end result was exactly what everyone expected; a reliable, well balanced, comfortable machine with the versatility of various demolition site requirements.

David Hoehmann, President of Highground Industrial, said, ” Purchasing the high-reach excavator allows us to service clients with buildings that are much taller without having to do implosive work. It gives us much more flexibility on the job. We are always updating and upgrading our fleet of company-owned equipment. The new PC450LC-8 High Reach has all of the bells and whistles and is a nice addition for us.”

Highground Industrial LLC is a full service contractor, specializing in all aspects of demolition, site development and environmental remediation of commercial properties. Our Management Team features industry leaders from the demolition, environmental and Brownfield development fields. With more than 100 years of cumulative experience that management team can offer companies fast, effective and cost efficient solutions to re-purposing your properties. Our unique experience allows us to understand our client’s specific needs and work with them to overcome any challenge.

Utilizing our own fleet of heavy equipment, we ensure safety and an on time performance schedule.

HGI is a full service site contracting company specializing in:
Complete demolition services.
Industrial buildings & plant facility decommissioning and dismantling
Interior and exterior selective demolition.
On and off- site concrete crushing, salvage and recycling.
Site Work, excavation, backfill, compaction, utilities and grading.
Complete environmental services
Vapor Mitigation systems
Complete Brownfield contracting services
The company is quickly becoming recognized as a trusted supplier of demolition & environmental services in the Northeast Corridor. More information about Highground Industrial can be found at

Shear Power Corporation, started in 2014, is focused on the demolition, recycling, and scrap industries, as well as the construction and mining fields. They have specially equipped excavators and attachments such as mobile shears, and demolition and recycling tools. All of our products are available for rent or sale. Shear Power can be found at