Mahwah, NJ: September 30, 2014: Highground Industrial LLC is pleased to announce today that it will be sponsoring RTM Communications/NALGEP conference on Sustainable Property Transactions: Closing Deals & Capturing Market Opportunities, which will be held in Philadelphia on October 7-9th.

Managing environmental risk successfully is challenging for all types of corporate and real estate deals, from one-off deals to portfolio commercial/industrial property transactions to idled municipal brownfield properties. From the environmental risk and liability concerns that arise in Mergers & Acquisitions to the legacy liabilities associated with the redevelopment of brownfield sites, they all require the use of bullet proof legal tactics, deal strategies that can bracket and or transfer the environmental risks and the financial tools to close the deal.

This RTM Communications, Inc., conference zeroes in on deal flow of corporate and local government property types, business tactics and strategies for reducing the uncertainty caused by environmental risk and closing the deals employing creative environmental risk management approaches.

The National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP) is a collaborator and sponsor to the RTM Communications, Inc., conference. This national conference demonstrates the critical importance of bringing together the private and public sectors in a constructive dialogue and working relationship. The NALGEP breakout sessions will focus on issues that range from complex brownfield transactions to site cleanups and redevelopments, to the effects
of climate change on commercial/industrial properties and infrastructure to performing renewable energy technologies to maximizing energy efficiency for commercial buildings.

“Brownfield redevelopment requires many partners to pull the whole project together, said Gary Silversmith, President of NALGEP. We asked Highground to come and sponsor our event because they are one of the leaders in the field of environmental remediation, demolition and site services. More importantly, because Highground’s principals have experience in Brownfield redevelopment, they understand what needs to be done to move projects forward. Their participation in this conference offers a different viewpoint in getting brownfield properties developed. Chris Wilson, Executive VP of HIghground will be joining us as one of the speakers at Round Table discussion of Brownfield Developers.”

“Public / private partnerships are so important to getting Brownfield property deals done. I believe an organization like NALGEP and conferences like this one are instrumental in facilitating relationships between public agencies and private entities”, Chris Wilson, Executive Vice President of Highground Industrial. “Brownfield development is a difficult and complex process. We are sponsoring this conference because we feel NALGEP’s role is essential in smoothing the way for the transaction process and wanted to support conferences, which helps create a forum for discussion on major issues in our field.

Environmental risk can impact the success of closing the transaction, valuation of the assets, and the transfer of legacy liabilities. It takes creative funding, the bracketing of environmental risk using rigorous and alternative due diligence and remedial alternatives, and deal structuring techniques grounded in bullet proof legal and risk management strategies to assure that the redevelopment or reuse or successful disposition of the surplus or stranded assets can be successfully implemented.

The Conference will also delve into facilitating dynamic energy transactions and sustainable brownfield redevelopments that include the siting and financing of renewable energy/clean technology, the business, regulatory and environmental risk management issues pertinent to hydraulic fracturing and shale gas production and the opportunities and risks of performing innovative and cost-effective remediation at complex sites including former manufacturing sites and defense sites.
“Corporate surplus properties are starting to turn over, especially when the economic fundamentals work for the transaction,” said Dean Jeffery Telego, President of RTM, conference organizer. “We have seen the environmental due diligence on these transactions skyrocket and an uptick in the number of transactions for M&A, brownfields, port terminals, and big box redevelopments.”

Highground Industrial LLC is a full service contractor, specializing in all aspects of demolition, site development and environmental remediation of commercial properties. Our Management Team features industry leaders from the demolition, environmental and brownfield development fields. With more than 100 years of cumulative experience that management team can offer companies fast, effective and cost efficient solutions to re-purposing your properties. Our unique experience allows us to understand our client’s specific needs and work with them to overcome any challenge. Utilizing our own fleet of heavy equipment, we ensure safety and an on time performance schedule.

HGI is a full service site contracting company specializing in:
• Complete demolition services.
• Industrial buildings & plant facility decommissioning and dismantling
• Interior and exterior selective demolition.
• On and off- site concrete crushing, salvage and recycling.
• Site Work, Excavation, backfill, compaction, utilities and grading.
• Complete environmental services
• Vapor Mitigation systems
• Complete Brownfield contracting services

The company is quickly becoming recognized as a trusted supplier of demolition & environmental services in the Northeast Corridor. More information about Highground Industrial can be found at

RTM Communications, based in Alexandria, Va., has been recognized for producing high end conferences, seminars, webinars, training, and publishing of books and journals/newsletters for more than 25 years in the areas of environmental risk management, finance and sustainability in business and real estate transactions.

The National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1993 by a group of local officials to represent local government personnel responsible for ensuring environmental compliance and developing and implementing environmental policies and programs.
NALGEP was established in recognition that local government environmental professionals are often confronted with tight budgets, complicated requirements and problems which, although are first-time problems for a particular local entity, may have been encountered and dealt with by other localities. In an era of restricted local budgets, governments are being asked to deliver environmental services and implement environmental programs with less resources and assistance than ever before. NALGEP helps communities face the challenges of sustainably delivering environmental services and addressing environmental problems such as climate change and pollution by:
• Bringing together local environmental officials from across the country to network and share information on innovative environmental practices;
• Sharing technical expertise and advice on environmental policy matters through educational workshops, web casts, and national summits;
• Identifying sources of funding for environmental and energy projects available to local governments and partners; and
• Providing a voice for local environmental officials in federal policy-making and procedures.